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Activities for the four seasons…spring, summer, autumn, even winter in Pelion can be enjoyable. With the mountain covered in an aromatic canopy of pine trees and different species of remarkable nature, is a perfect place for activities as diving, hiking, water sports and horseback riding.

Horseback riding

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    Mamma Mia!
    Mamma mia

    Mamma mia! Was filmed hier in Damouchari and a lot of the actors were staying in our guesthouse!

    Most of the outdoor scenes were filmed on location at the small Greek island of Skopelos (during August/September 2007), and the seaside hamlet of Damouchari in the Pelion area of Greece.

    A video about  Pelion

    Damouchari in the Pelion region on the Greek mainland was a key location, providing the jetty, an olive grove and, above all, the harbour. Damouchari feels like the quintessential Greek hamlet, a tiny place at the edge of the water with a couple of tavernas, two minimarkets and a beguiling sense of tranquillity.

    So, if ever a village deserved big-screen fame, then it is Damouchari. The scent of jasmine wafts on the air and it is the sort of place where, if you ask at the mini-market for some more of the delicious cherries you bought the day before, they suggest you come back in an hour or so when someone will have picked some.
    It’s the most perfect place in the world to enjoy a picnic of feta cheese and cherries by the beach.

    By Sarah Turner, The Mail on Sunday,

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    In Pelion is well known

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    Beaches in Pelion

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    A network with footpaths and