Words can easily fail you when you try to describe the beaches in Pelion. Here you can find beaches that meet any taste. Organized ones that offer modern amenities, relaxation and safety for adults and children alike – 16 of them have recently been awarded Blue Flags by FEE.

Wild beaches, untouched by civilization, that call out to you to explore them. Sand beaches with emerald green waters. White pebble ones with stunning aquamarine blue waters. Sometimes, pine trees flirt with the sea. Green bushes playfully line the shores that once were the stage of myths. It was one of these shores that saw the building of Argo.

The Argonauts gathered here to set sail for mysterious faraway Colchis in their quest for the Golden Fleece. Even today you might close your eyes and open them to see nymphs bathing in the magical crystal clear waters or Centaurs emerge from behind the woods. One wonders if it is only imagination…

In general, the beaches inside the Pagasitikos Gulf are easily accessible and family friendly; the landscape is milder. The south coast, washed by the Aegean, offers a less tame scenery where light falls in love with rock in apotheosis of simplicity. Further north the green takes over again.

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