In Pelion is well known as trenaki (=little train) of Pelion. The train of Pelion has been a dynamic element of culture and development leaving its intense mark on the history and environment of the area.

For 76 years (1895-1971) it climbed the mountain carrying passengers and freight , thus immensely contributing to the rapid development of the area.
The man who had the inspiration of its manufacturing, on behalf of the Thessalian Railroads Company, was the Italian engineer Evaristo de Kyriko, father of the famous painter Giorgio de Kyriko, who was born in our town in 1888, lived a happy childhood here and carried this place onto his paintings in symbolic forms, particularly during his metaphysical era, which made him immortal.
Evaristo De Kyriko built one of the best in the world railroads, of only 60 cm width, through the olive groves on the slopes of the Centaurs’ Mountain. This masterpiece is appreciated even nowadays for its high esthetics, the harmony in its form and the perfection of its manufacturing.
Scedule: Lehonia – Milies
During July and August, “Trenaki” runs daily: Departure: Ano Lehonia 10:00 / Arrival: Milies: 11:35
Scedule April until June und September until October it runs on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Informations and tickets are available at the train station in Volos Tel: +30 24210-24056 or the city office,

Dimitriados 186, Volos, Tel: +30 24210 39723
The visitor can also buy tickets to Lehonia directly at the departure station, but there is a possibility that they would have sold out especially in the high season.
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